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How to Prepare for Your Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

In this post you'll learn all about the best tips and practices for preparing for a boudoir photoshoot in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!

Just like our good friend Ben Franklin said (you may have heard of him!), “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. While that kinda sounds extreme for this scenario, he makes a decent point! In the case of boudoir photography, whether that be maternity boudoir, plus-size boudoir, or any other kind, preparing a little before your shoot can make a big difference in your experience.

In this post, we’ll explain how to prepare for your next boudoir session and we’ll add in some tips and tricks to make your experience even more unforgettable!

First things first...

What is Boudoir Photography?

While you may be familiar with other types of photography that are designed to capture a woman in her most beautiful state, such as wedding photography or maternity photography, there is another amazing one - and that is boudoir photography!

Boudoir photography is designed to embrace every aspect of a woman’s body, instill confidence and self-love, and make you feel more beautiful than ever. It’s meant to capture both fierce ambition and soft femininity, all the while documenting your unique beauty. It’s also about having fun, laughing, crying, and healing. It’s an experience in itself, one that you’ll never forget.

Now for some ways to prepare for your session from a boudoir photographer!

5 Steps to Prepare for your Pittsburgh PA Boudoir Shoot

Follow these steps and you’ll be prepared for boudoir success!

Step 1: FILL up so you can GLOW up.

AKA drink tons of water! I know we’ve been told this many, MANY times but it really will make a huge difference when you come to your shoot. You’ll be thankful you had to make so many bathroom trips when your skin is *glowing* during your boudoir session. To add to this, avoid drinking alcohol and consuming a lot of salt a few days before. This will simply dry you up big time; lips, skin, all of it. Besides, we’ll reward your efforts with complimentary mimosas the morning of your shoot. But not until then. It’ll be worth it, trust us!

Step 2: Don’t fake it ‘till you make it.

No fake tans please. Sometimes gels, lotions, and creams that tint your skin can give off a not-so flattering orange hue. Although we want you to shine during your shoot (and you will regardless), we don’t necessarily want you to look like the sun. You’re a star love, so come just as you are! BUT if you really do want that sun-kissed look, then we suggest that you put some SPF 15 on and lay outside in the sun or better yet, head to the beach!

Step 3: Do some pampering before The Pampering.

Who says boudoir photoshoots have to be one day? Make a week out of it girl! We recommend getting your hair touched up if you dye it. Also, don’t forget to shave or wax the day of your session if possible! If waxing, make sure there’s some time before to reduce any redness. Lastly, our personal favorite, treat yourself to a mani/pedi to feel your absolute best!

Step 4: Wear the right clothes TO your boudoir shoot.

While this may be an afterthought because most of us these days are probably in baggy clothes and messy buns anyway (thanks world lockdown due to COVID), it’s important that you don’t wear any tight clothes, belts, bracelets, hats, or anything else that might leave a lasting imprint on your skin. Unless you want some interesting patterns and lines on your skin for your shoot (hello, actual cheetah print?!), then I’d just put on your comfiest clothes. When you get to the studio, you’ll be ready to choose from the many flattering options in our client closet and will look absolutely stunning!

Step 5: Relax honey.

And get ready to be lookin’ like a snack ;) You’ll nail it, we promise. Besides, as a luxury boudoir experience, we do everything for you! You don’t have to worry about learning to pose correctly or how to do your hair and makeup, we got you! Hair and makeup is done onsite by a professional and your boudoir photographer will help you pose in the most flattering ways. It’s going to be a blast! And you’ll come out on the other side feeling like a brand new person. It’s truly one of the best experiences a girl could have !

*Bonus Tips & Tricks*: Think we left something out? We don’t think so! Because guess why:

Here at Pittsburgh Luxury Boudoir, we provide almost everything for you! There’s enough stress and hassle in your life, figuring out how to prepare for a boudoir session shouldn’t be one of them.

Our luxury boudoir experience includes:

  • Full hair and makeup by a professional

  • Complimentary mimosas

  • Access to the client closet & personal styling (don’t worry about what to wear!)

  • Posing coaching and tips (we got you girl, no awkward poses for you or Gretchen Weiners)

  • Gorgeous product designs for you

  • Personal ordering appointment

We think every woman deserves an experience like this! And we know how impactful it can be. Wherever you go, we hope this helped you to better prepare for your next boudoir session!

If you have any more questions, you can schedule a FREE chat with us and we’ll give you all the answers you want! The link to do so is here. Talk to you soon!



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