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7 Sexy Reasons to do a Life-Changing Boudoir Shoot | Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” - Maya Angelou

Boudoir changes lives.

I know this for a fact because I see my clients before and after their shoots. I get to know them personally and how they feel when they participate in a free consultation on the phone with me.

One of the main questions I ask them is why they are interested in doing a boudoir shoot, and I hear so many different answers to this.

Not only that, I hear the struggle some of them have gone through with their body image, and I hear the uncertainty in their voice. Although they may not say it, I know their thoughts probably include “Is this right for me?”, “Do I even look the part for this?”, “I’m probably too old, or too big to do something like this”.

Ladies, these are absolute myths. And it’s my calling in life to dispel them.

No matter what their reasons for wanting to do a boudoir shoot to begin with, the AFTER effects are the same. There’s a positive transformation that takes place and this is what I live for!

THIS is what inspired me to be a boudoir photographer and it’s something I enjoy witnessing often. A successful boudoir shoot will leave you feeling on top of the world.

Now for some of those reasons.

7 Sexy Reasons to do a Boudoir Shoot in Pittsburgh, PA

1. Do it for YOU.

So obvious right? Well not really actually! Most of the people who come to me to do boudoir shoots are women that are often putting a million other people first before themselves, whether that’s their husband, their kids, or their work. Doing something like this is the ultimate form of self-love and self-care. I could almost argue that this is the BEST reason.

2. Boost your confidence.

Getting out of your comfort zone will do so much more for you than you think. The confidence you acquire will show in your posture, in the way you approach others, in the way you stick up for yourself when someone tries to bring you down. It will show in the way you take other pictures (heyyy, where did you learn to pose like that? ;)). It’ll show in the way you wear your clothes. How you walk. The subtle or not subtle changes in your confidence will impact your life in so many ways.

3. Helloooo, it’s super fun!

Sure, you could go to the movies, bumper car fun-land (or whatever it's called in your city), or some other place. But this is different. Those experiences may make you feel good, or even great, but they won’t make you feel the way a boudoir shoot will. We’ll laugh, we’ll smile, we may even cry (happy tears don’t worry!). And the best part is we don’t have to worry about our friend, boyfriend, or husband capturing these amazing moments on our cell phone and them not turning out (it’s a not too uncommon risk, right?!). We’ll have those unforgettable moments beautifully captured for a lifetime!

4. Frozen in time.

Whether this boudoir shoot is just because, or right before your wedding, or before a pregnancy or birth, you’ll get to have a memory or reflection of YOU at that moment in time. You’ll get to see what you looked like, who you were, or how you felt at this age or time. Commemorate your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s. You’re never the same person. So why not celebrate that? There’s also a special kind of confidence and beauty that comes with every new decade, even every year! So thinking you're too old should absolutely NEVER be a factor. You are perfect NOW.

5. Get to wear beautiful pieces of art.

And by art, I mean lingerie! I’m sure there’s many types of shirts and or shoes that you’ve worn, so maybe a new shirt or pair of shoes isn’t really all that different to you. HOWEVER, that’s not the case with lingerie. Lingerie is so unique and beautiful. The way it hugs each body differently, the intricacy of the fabric or lace, and the way it works with the curves and dips in your body is just amazing. That’s why we’re obsessed with stocking our client closet with new items all the time. We can’t help ourselves, it’s an addiction (arguably a good one though!).

6. See yourself from a different perspective.

One of the things my clients say when they look at their photos that same day are “OMG, is that really me??!”. We tend to look at ourselves with a much harsher light than others do. We often don’t give ourselves the benefit of the doubt that we give others. This shoot helps us get a closer grasp to our truer, more beautiful nature. It takes a lot of work to love ourselves and for many of us, a long time. But by taking steps towards self-love and self-acceptance, we can unlock a beauty we didn't know already existed within us. We can change those negative thoughts that pop up when we look in the mirror to more positive ones in a slow, healing process.

7. Gift for someone special.

Um, who wouldn’t love this as a gift?! To see a woman in such a natural and empowered state would be astounding, personal, and so very thoughtful. Not to mention, so much better than a new set of dish towels am I right? Although.. It’d be different if it were dish towels with boudoir photos on them?! Inventing it NOW. Show someone you care and give them the gift of you at your best. What a way to show up for them by being vulnerable.

*BONUS Reason* - Because you are enough.


Although 7 rings are great (oops, got Ariana playing in my head), 7 reasons are even better. Many decisions are made with less! Either way, if even one of these stands true for you, we’d love to talk to you more about it and make it a reality for you (which we definitely can & would love to do).

You can click here to schedule a FREE chat with me about boudoir and it’s amazing benefits. Just book a time on my calendar and can’t wait to talk to you soon, beautiful!

Have you had a boudoir session before or want to have one? Tell us your reasons for wanting to do one!



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