5 Tips For Every Client | Best Boudoir Studio In Pittsburgh, PA

Before embarking on your first Boudoir Shoot with us, we always want to make sure our clients are fully prepared when they walk through our doors. Here are the top five tips we give every client before their session with us:

Stretch: You may think this sounds funny but we contort and move your body in ways you haven't before. Stretching before will definitely make a difference, even if you are already really active and fit! Focus on stretching your neck, back, shoulders, and practice pointing (and holding) your toes/feet.

Drink tons of water: It's important to stay hydrated, especially on the day of your shoot! Drinking plenty of water leading up to your session helps clear up your skin and helps flush out any belly bloat. It will also help prevent cramps during some of the posing on the day of your shoot!

Arrive with a clean face and clean, dry hair: It's very important to show up on the day of your shoot with clean, blow-dried hair and a clean face. You can put moisturizer on if you wish but other than that our Professional Hair and Makeup team will do the rest!

Practice the poses: Seriously! If you're following along on our Instagram or Facebook Group, practice some of the poses if you want! Occasionally, we do Facebook Lives in our private Facebook Group, you can totally follow along with the posing as we go!

Take some Tylenol before bed after your shoot: Trust us on this one! You WILL be sore the next day! This will help with some muscle inflammation.

I hope you found these tips helpful, especially for those of you who have an upcoming Boudoir Session in Pittsburgh booked with us! We can't wait to see you.

And we can't wait to get those of you who haven't pulled the trigger yet into our studio for a session!

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