10 Questions For Your Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Boudoir Photographer

Hey babes!

Today we are going to touch base on ten questions you should be asking your Boudoir Photographer in Pittsburgh PA before and after your shoot. It's so important to have all of the information you need before jumping right in! These are a few popular FAQs we receive from our clients:

How much is a session? We split our session cost into 2 parts: a session fee + the cost of the products/ images you want. All of our clients get full pricing information before deciding if they'd like to book. No surprises here!

Do you edit all of my images? Yes! We will 100% retouch the images you purchase, but we are not advocates of manipulating your size. We can do what is necessary like blemish removal and such- but remember, you are beautiful just the way you are, babe!

Should I go tanning? No spray tans 4-6 weeks prior to your session or tanning beds 2-3 weeks before your session! It will give your skin a funny tint we can't easily correct.

Where are you located? Our permanent studio is located in Pittsburgh, PA. We are a 100% portable studio which means we can travel anywhere to shoot!

How do I prepare? We will send you a digital prep guide a few weeks before your session! Come with a clean face and clean hair, get lots of sleep, and stay hydrated!

Are you going to share my images? You decide if we can or cannot share your images. We will never share your images without your permission!

When will I see my images? You will see your images immediately after your session! We will break for lunch and then you will have two hours to review and select the images you wish to purchase!

What do I need to bring to my session? All we ask you to bring is a black thong and a nude thong. If you want to bring thigh highs or fishnets, totally up to you!

Can I bring a friend? We do not allow onlookers. Our space is limited and we don't want distractions. We want you to feel free to "wild out," and not worry about who is watching. We have tons of reviews and a strong online community that will back up our credentials. You are safe here.

When should I book my session? We book 3-4 months in advance, so contact us early. We advise booking your session 12 weeks before you need your images.

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