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Hi, I'm Emma!

I’m the owner and lead photographer of Pittsburgh Luxury Boudoir.


When women of all shapes and backgrounds walk through my studio door, I sense their hopeful hesitation. They sit with my hair and makeup artist and we chat about life, who they are, and what they hope to get from the day. I live for the moment after the first few shots when I turn my camera and show them just who they really are. They light up! When the session ends and we reach the moment of the big reveal — where for the first time, they fully see themselves made up and dressed in something that makes them feel sexy — I watch the “aha” moment happen in real time. I love seeing women transform into the powerful selves they already have inside, hearing them say, “That’s me?” and walking out having had a transformative experience that seeps into the rest of their lives.


Capturing photos is capturing a memorable moment in time that brought someone joy. I still look back at my own boudoir photographs in awe of who I am, and I’m grateful to give other women that permission slip and special moment of embracing themselves. 


Outside of being a 17x published boudoir photographer, I’m a mom, volunteer, and community builder. I spend time outside of the studio having fun with my son and finding ways to support and connect women in my hometown of Pittsburgh.

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